Springtime Auto Maintenance for Your Car’s Wellbeing in Mukilteo

Springtime Auto Maintenance mukilteo
If you’re like me, the smell of spring rain and the sight of budding trees drives me out of doors to do all kinds of chores, including springtime auto maintenance. If you’re lucky enough to own a luxury model like a Mercedes or BMW, maintaining it is even more important because these models last so long.

Out of Sight Out of Mind

Perhaps you’ve never seen the underbelly of your vehicle. It can take a beating during the winter months and may need some TLC this spring, especially if road maintenance crews use salt and sand as part of their program. The easiest way to accomplish this task is by visiting your local auto technician.

Seeing is Believing

Have your wipers checked and replaced if necessary; they’re another vehicle part that gets abused during winter. Spring rains necessitate during wipers.

Check the Color

As part of your spring maintenance tasks, check your transmission fluid. It should be a light pinkish color. If it’s darker, make sure to change it soon. The oil is also light in color. Dirty oil leads to poor performance. Maintaining a luxury car with a few simple steps will help you start the year’s prime driving season right.

See Us Soon for Springtime Auto Maintenance

In Mukilteo, factory-trained and certified technicians perform your European car service. From regularly scheduled maintenance to emergency auto repairs, BMW, Mercedes and other British and German autos are our specialty. Get your vehicle ready for the nice weather and we’ll be there for regular auto maintenance and repairs that will keep you safe and worry-free. Contact us at Classic Motorsports today and let us handle those regularly scheduled maintenance services that dealers have been known to over-charge for.

Springtime Auto Maintenance for your BMW or Mercedes

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