Recommended Yearly Maintenance for Your High-Mileage Vehicle in Mukilteo

high-mileage vehicle mukilteoIf you own an older vehicle with high mileage, experts recommend you take special precautions to ensure complications don’t develop. If you want to keep your high-mileage vehicle running strong for many more years to come, schedule appointments with a local auto specialist for yearly maintenance. Request the following recommended yearly maintenance services during your next visit to an auto repair shop in Mukilteo.

1. Brake Inspection

High-mileage vehicles require a yearly brake inspection. Ask your auto technician to inspect your brakes, brake pads, and brake fluid during your next visit.

2. Regular Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are essential to avert engine breakdown. Switch to a high-mileage motor oil when your vehicle reaches 100,000 miles and continue using it for the life of the vehicle. A motor oil designed for high-mileage vehicles contains extra detergents to keep older engines clean and supplies extra protection to prevent future engine wear.

3. AC System Check

Older cars often develop malfunctioning AC systems. Make sure to have the coolant strength and air conditioner condenser checked during yearly maintenance.

Looking for Expert Maintenance Services for Your High-Mileage Vehicle?

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Expert Maintenance for Your High-Mileage Vehicle in Mukilteo

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