Three Myths About European Auto Maintenance

Don’t Fall for These European Auto Maintenance Myths in Mukilteo

If you drive a British or German-built vehicle, odds are you have heard of several misconceptions about how to keep your vehicle in operable condition. European automotive care is certainly a bit different than maintenance of American makes and models, but that does not mean upkeep has to be extensive or costly. It also does not mean it will be difficult to find a qualified auto service. Let’s set the record straight on a few common European auto maintenance myths.

BMW_motion_captureMyth 1:  You Can Only Repair a European Car at the Dealership

Many European car dealers like to perpetuate this belief that the sole way to keep your vehicle warranty intact is to service your vehicle at the dealership.  Since dealers tend to charge more than the typical independent auto shop, this can add thousands of extra dollars spent over the life of your car. The truth is as long as you bring your car to a certified shop for regular maintenance, the warranty remains in effect.

Myth 2:  Any Mechanic Can Work on Your European Car

On the flip side of the coin, European auto maintenance shouldn’t be performed by just any Joe Schmo. For best results over the life of your car, it’s imperative that you go to an auto repair shop specifically qualified in BMW service, Mercedes service or British auto repair. Also, be sure to check the credentials of the shop beforehand. What kind of training and certifications have the technicians gone through? Does ValueStar or other rating agencies certify them?

Myth 3:  European Vehicles Require Tons of High-Cost Maintenance

There is a misconception that German and British automobiles are particularly sensitive vehicles requiring many trips to the mechanic. While some vehicles are indeed more sensitive than others (even among American and Japanese models), in general these European makes are well-designed, precision automobiles.  It’s true that parts can be a bit pricey for imports, but provided that you keep to your vehicle’s prescribed maintenance schedule, the amount of upkeep shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive under normal circumstances.

For trustworthy and affordable European auto maintenance in Snohomish County, bring your vehicle to Classic Motorsports in Mukilteo. We are specially qualified to handle repairs and servicing on German, British and domestic automobiles, and we back our work with a one-year, 12,000-mile warranty on all repairs. Call us at 425-437-1023. Don’t let these European auto maintenance myths discourage you from giving your car the care it needs and deserves.

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