Should I Take My European Car to a Repair Shop or Dealership in Mill Creek?

European car repair, European truck repairDo you drive a European car or truck in Mill Creek, Washington? You were probably told to have maintenance and repair service completed at a dealership, but is this actually necessary? In many cases, a European car repair shop may be the better option. In fact, choosing a service center that specializes in German and British-made cars will probably save you money. Consider the following factors before deciding between a dealership an a European car repair shop in Mill Creek

Available Parts

Find out what kind of parts your local European repair shop uses. Most can get genuine OEM parts for significantly less than a dealership will charge. As long as the shop installs high-quality parts, there’s no need to visit the dealership.

Technician Experience

The quality of service usually correlates with technician experience. Often, European car and truck repair shops employ factory-trained technicians with more experience than those found at a dealership.

Customer Service

Customer service is important regardless of the type of auto repair or maintenance you need. While car and truck owners tend to represent just another job at a dealership, European car repair shop technicians tend to be friendlier and more courteous.

Looking for a Reliable European Car & Truck Repair Shop in Mill Creek?

Are you looking for a reliable European vehicle repair shop in Mill Creek, Washington? Now that you know that taking your car or truck to a dealership isn’t a requirement, it’s time to start saving money by finding a qualified auto shop in your area. Fortunately, you won’t have to look far. To receive expert advice, genuine OM parts, and excellent customer service from highly-experienced, factory-trained technicians, contact Classic Motorsports in Mukilteo today! We can do everything a dealership can, so you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is receiving top-notch care. While our shop will happily service any car or truck, we are particularly versed in luxury BMW, Mercedes, and other exotics.

Reliable European Car & Truck Repair Shop in Mill Creek

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