Vehicle Components Your Auto Technician Should Inspect This Summer in Edmonds

auto technicianWith warm summer weather on the horizon, a visit to a trusted auto technician is in order. With the technology available today, a professional service shop can pinpoint most problems before they strike. Vehicles are designed to perform under hot conditions, but the summer weather can put extra strain on both cars and trucks. Without proper maintenance, expensive system failures are possible. Have your auto technician check these important vehicle components this summer in Edmonds.

Air Conditioning System

You should always have your vehicle’s air conditioning system checked before hot weather hits. Ask your local auto technician to ensure the refrigerant in your vehicle is properly charged. If your system isn’t holding pressure appropriately, your auto service shop can use fluorescent dye and black light technology to quickly identify refrigerant leaks.

Vehicle Coolant System

Vehicle overheating issues are especially common in the summer. Have your trusted auto technician inspect the coolant system in your vehicle for signs of leaks. We recommend performing auto maintenance on your vehicle’s coolant system every 24 months. You should have old coolant replaced at least this often.

Tire and Wheel Health

Summer temperatures heat the roads, which will cause additional stress on, and pressure increases in, your tires while you drive. An experienced auto technician can inspect your tires and wheels for any potential damage or excessive wear. If your tires have flaws, they are more likely to experience a dangerous blowout.

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