Why You Need an Oil Change Every 3000 Miles

oil changeYou’ve always heard that it’s important to check and change your car’s oil, but has anyone ever explained why? The general rule is that you should get an oil change every 3000 miles you drive. There are, in fact, several reasons this needs to be part of your regular car maintenance routine. Here’s why oil changes need to be a serious priority for you and your car.

1. Oil Protects Your Engine

Without a functioning engine, you’re going nowhere fast in your car. Oil lubricates your car engine and keeps it working properly. This lubrication ensures engine parts do not wear out prematurely. Skipping oil changes puts extra strain on your engine, and therefore on your car. Ensuring your engine is lubricated can prevent needless and expensive car repairs with your auto specialist.

2. Oil Prevents Rusting

Rust can do a lot of damage to the internal workings of your car. While rusting is natural for metal as it ages, you can prolong the life of your car’s engine by getting regular oil changes. Clean oil is the best way to protect your car. If you’ve noticed rust under your hood, a trip to the auto shop and some oil may be able to help prevent further damage.

3. Oil Helps With Cooling

There’s nothing worse than an overheated car on the side of the road. The chances of this happen increase significantly when you neglect to change your car’s oil regularly. Fresh oil helps ensure your car doesn’t overheat, so it’s worth the time to get it changed every 3000 miles.

Get an Oil Change for Your Car Today!

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Get an Oil Change in Mukilteo Every 3000 Miles

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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