Care for Your Car This Winter

Care for Your Car in the WinterProper car maintenance is always important, but ensuring your car is in tip-top shape throughout the winter is imperative. There is nothing scarier than suddenly finding yourself stranded on the highway during a snowstorm! Cold weather conditions can do a number on your vehicle if you aren’t careful; so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Take the steps now to ensure your car is running smoothly this winter. Here are three items you should check so caring for your car will be easier this winter.

1. Lights

The need to check your car lights may not seem related to winter, but it is. During the summer, days are longer and brighter. Winter means shorter days and, ultimately, darker commutes to and from work. You may not have noticed the effect before, but driving with broken lights will be much more dangerous in the winter. Take the time to have your auto specialist look at your car lights now.

2. Battery

The cold can really impact your car battery. You might have been able to squeak by with a dying battery during the warmer summer months, but the winter will not be so kind. Have your auto technician check the voltage of you battery and replace it before winter if needed.

3. Cooling System

It may not seem like you’ll need your cooling system when it’s already freezing outside, but having a fully functioning system is vital. Your cooling system helps keep coolant levels right and you absolutely don’t want any antifreeze leaking out. A properly maintained cooling system will prevent your engine from freezing this winter.

Start Caring for Your Car the Right Way This Winter!

If you haven’t taken your car in for a winter-preparation tune-up, it’s a good idea to do so now. Cold weather is here and Classic Motorsports can help keep your car running all winter long! We can help you get your car ready for the colder, harsher months ahead. Visit our website to view a list of our services or call (425) 348-4110 to schedule an appointment today.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Caring for Your Car This Winter

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