5 Possible Reasons Your Check Engine Light is On

classic-motorsports-6There are few automobile warnings more worrisome than the dreaded Check Engine Light. It could mean your car is being impacted by any of a hundred different problems, many of which can cause extensive and expensive damage to your car if left unattended. If your Check Engine Light is on, you should seek assistance from an auto specialist right away to determine the problem and repair it as soon as possible. While only a technician can confirm the precise reason, here are five common reasons Check Engine Lights are activated in cars.

1. The Oxygen Sensor is Malfunctioning

The oxygen sensor keeps track of unburned oxygen, which is helpful for keeping your gas mileage down. This is one of the most common car maintenance issues and should be fixed right away, as it can cause further damage to your car and greatly reduce fuel economy.

2. The Gas Cap is Damaged

Your Check Engine Light can come on if your gas cap is loose, damaged, or missing. While this isn’t a huge issue, it’s one that should be addressed because it can be bad for the environment and result in decreased gas efficiency.

3. A Spark Plug is Broken

While tiny, spark plugs can break or malfunction and cause your car to perform poorly or even not start. Having an auto technician replace the spark plugs quickly is important, so that other car parts are not impacted.

4. The Mass Air Flow Sensor Needs to be Replaced

Your Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor measures the oxygen levels in the engine and lets your car know how much fuel is needed to run everything smoothly. An issue with the MAF sensor can result in poor mileage, so get your car serviced as soon as you can.

5. The Catalytic Converter is Malfunctioning

It’s the catalytic converter that minimizes your car’s impact on the environment. When it malfunctions or needs to be replace, your car pumps harmful gunk into the environment. Putting off this repair will result in your car failing your yearly emissions inspection.

Get Your Check Engine Light Checked Out!

Since you can’t know for sure the cause of your Check Engine Light, make sure you have a professional assess your car and pinpoint the problem as soon as possible. If your Check Engine Light is on, contact Classic Motorsports for help today. We can run diagnostics and offer a variety of auto services to keep your car running smoothly. Check out our website for more information or call (425) 348-4110 to schedule an appointment today.

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