Keep in Touch with your Car to Avoid Problems

maintenanceThe luxury car you drive may seem to be work fine, but you do need to “stay in touch” if you want to avoid problems that could leave you stranded. Having the car towed to a mechanic you never worked with has its own set of worries so remember to pay attention while driving. Then you can nip problems before they start and let your usual certified mechanic do the repairs. How can you stay in touch with your car? It’s easy.

What You Hear, See, and Feel is the Key

In today’s world we get in the car and go. The kids have their many devices to keep them occupied and as a driver we have the radio, Bluetooth cell phone, and even talking emails. All of these distractions may lead to you not hearing your engine, wheels, or exhaust system tell you when something goes wrong. Get into your car alone and start the engine. Give it a listen. Then go for a short, no communications drive.

Learn to Feel your Car

Feel the steering wheel in your hand. Is it moving? A shake could be the front tires out of alignment or a worn tie rod. If the seat feels like it’s vibrating the rear tires may have a problem. Feel the wheel when turning. Does it return to center after the turn? Does it wander on straightaways? That could mean your shocks or steering gear is worn.

When you come to a stop, feel what your foot is telling you. Does it feel soft when you step on the brakes? There may be air in the line or the pads are in need of replacement. If there’s a slight rhythmic or uneven feel when stopping it could be a problem with the rotors or brake caliper pistons.

Learning to Listen to Your Car

Everyone knows squeaky brakes mean it’s time to replace them. Another part of the car that can tell you something is the windshield wipers. The squeakier they are the more you need new blades. If the wiper switch is “sticky” it could be going. Same with the headlight switch.

Keep in touch and don’t be hit with that surprise breakdown. Of course, keeping with a regularly scheduled maintenance program is still the best way to be assured that a breakdown won’t happen.

At Classic Motorsports we have certified mechanics for your luxury BMW, Mercedes, and other European models. We perform warranty service, oil changes, and all other work that will keep your engine purring and your car running smooth as glass. Now that’s something you’ll really want to stay in touch with.
Edited by Justin Vorhees
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