This is the Month to Care for your Car

Classic MotorsportsWe like to think every month is the month to take care of cars. However, October is ‘car care month’ and for good reason. The coming winter means your car better be ready to go and not give you any trouble; especially if you’re traveling far from home visiting relatives or on business. Even if your car is in great shape, prepare for the worst with an emergency kit that contains warning triangles or flares, some snacks, gloves, a hat, ice melt, flashlight, batteries, and a snow shovel.

Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

All your fluids need to be checked before the winter. Summer driving can do a number on the levels. Now that air-conditioning use will end, it’s time to think about the heater and defroster. You should have your radiator checked, flushed and refilled to get ready for the winter. And don’t forget to add windshield washer fluid and check the hoses leading from the reservoir.

Wiper blades should be replaced as the summer heat alone can wear them, and bad wipers can dangerously reduce visibility during rain and snow. All hoses and belts should be inspected as well. The tires are one of the most important winter checks. Check tread and inflation to ensure good traction and safe handling during winter driving.

Batteries in luxury makes like BMW and Mercedes are well constructed, but you might want to check the amount of power you’re currently getting. Check the cables for tightness and any signs of corrosion on the nodes. They can be cleaned, but be careful. There are powerful chemicals in these batteries and in the corrosion too. A toothbrush with baking soda may be used along with a wire brush to keep that connection clean and working.

Like every car maintenance job, winter auto care should also call for an oil change and alignment check. If your tire inspection reveals some uneven wear call the certified mechanics at Classic Motorsports in Mukilteo. We can do any and all of these jobs for your luxury European automobile to help keep you and your family safe.

Since we are certified BMW and Mercedes mechanics, our work will protect your warranty. Our prices are very competitive, especially compared to the dealerships, so give us a call at 425-437-1023 to set up an appointment and have a safe winter with these winter auto maintenance tips.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

Mercedes & BMW Maintenance for Safe Winter Driving