Tie Rods can Do Some Damage if Ignored

classic-motor-sportsThe best motor vehicles in the world still need to be cared for. Nipping problems in the bud is the still best maintenance schedule known to mechanics. The bad tie rod can have an effect on steering and in a sudden stopping scenario. You may lose enough control to hit the curb or another object while you’re braking and trying to avoid an oncoming car. The worn out tie rod end has even caused some vehicles to lose a wheel while driving, but that’s a worst-case scenario.

The most common signs of tie rod problems are the following:

  • You’re slowly making a turn and you hear a clicking or knocking noise,
  • Your car is pulling to one side or the other when braking,
  • The steering wheel resists returning to center after a turn.
  • Bad tire wear; faulty tie rods can lead to wear on the inside or outside tread of your tires.

The Importance of Tie Rods

If you notice one of these problems you should act quickly. It may be only one wheel that shows the problem but usually the other is sure to follow, unless hitting a curb or pothole on one side damaged the rod. The steering wheel is attached to a gear that in turn connects with the tie rods. The tie rods job is to keep the wheels aligned while turning. A damaged tie rod may leak and since they need lubrication to work that leak can be very troubling.

Some might look at these tire wear symptoms and assume it’s just a wheel alignment problem. Tie rod trouble can’t be ignored, however, because it can lead to more than just uneven tire wear.

If any of these indicators are showing in your luxury Mercedes or BMW a certified mechanic should be given the opportunity to put the car on the rack and check the tie rods and other front end parts to keep your car in top driving condition.

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Edited by Justin Vorhees
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