A/C – Your Best Friend for Summer Driving

Classic MotorsportsSitting in your car during hot weather can be miserable. With the windshield magnifying the heat in the cabin, you feel like you’re in a greenhouse. In the 1930s, Packard Motor Car Company offered a weather conditioner in some models (it was a $274 Option), but there were problems in the design and it was discontinued during the war. Chrysler and GM in the ‘50s began offering air conditioning. Today it’s a standard option, not a fancy upgrade, and considering the Pacific Northwest’s weather this year automotive air conditioning is more vital than ever before. Just like every other working part of the car, A/C maintenance is necessary for your car to stay cool and efficient this summer.

Keeping Things Cool Inside the Air Conditioner

The main working items for your car’s air conditioner are the compressor, condenser, and the coolant. You’re A/C works by removing some of the heat from the air and sending cooled air back into the cabin. This system is a refinement of the process used by your refrigerator. Like any machine, this part of your car needs regular auto maintenance to keep working well.

One way to keep the unit working well is to turn it on a few times during the winter. This keeps all the parts moving and helps circulate the refrigerant. Your O-ring seals and hoses will stay in better working order, too. The refrigerant kits available today to give it a charge may be fine but not as thorough as an A/C service performed by a professional auto repair shop.

There are a number of hoses between the compressor, evaporator mechanism, and the compressor. Look for signs of leaking oil or refrigerant if the improvement doesn’t last long after a recharge. You may check hoses for leaks by rubbing soapy water on them and looking for bubbles.

In many models, too much coolant leaking can cause the compressor to stop working. A do-it-yourselfer might erroneously assume the compressor needs auto repair work when it’s actually due to the lack of enough refrigerant.

Let the Professionals Service & Recharge You’re A/C

When it comes to keeping your cool about the price of any automobile maintenance for your Mercedes, BMW, or Jaguar, Classic Motorsports will keep you comfortable. Our German Auto mechanics have the expertise and ability to keep your car’s air conditioner performing the way it should. Call us at 425-437-1023 and try our new customer special offer today.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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